9 Yd Residential Dumpster for Shively, KY DIY Projects

shively kyIf you need a residential dumpster in Shively, KY, Moon Mini Dumpsters is the place to call. Moon has containers of various sizes to match your project needs.

9 cubic yard dumpster for medium DIY projects.

Use a Moon mini roll-off dumpster for your next home DIY project. Our 9 yd dumpsters can hold up to 5,000 lbs. This is roughly equivalent to 4.5 pickup truck loads. All Moon container orders include a low flat fee, convenient drop off and pick up, and 7-day service period.

Ideal uses of 9 yd dumpster include:

  • medium garage/basement clean out
  • average kitchen/small kitchen + bath tear out
  • deck disassembled 10’x18′

Moon Mini Dumpsters proudly serves Shively, KY and the greater Louisville area. All of our dumpsters are placed with care to avoid any potential damage to customer property. Mini dumpsters do not use a lot of space. They can be placed in yards, alleys or driveways. Don’t settle for less when it comes to accomplishing your DIY project goals. “Ask for the Moon, and get it!”

Written by Bob Jones

12 Yd Dumpster for Middletown, KY Construction Cleanup

weatherby house middletown kyMiddletown, KY has a storied history of growth and development. That growth continues today with the expansion of local commercial centers. Moon 12 yd dumpsters are perfect for commercial and construction cleanup.

Dependable dumpsters for construction cleanup.

Moon mini dumpsters are strong and compact. This adds to their effectiveness for construction cleanup. Our 12 yd dumpster is designed for medium to large junk removal needs. They hold a capacity of 5,500 lbs. or 6 pickup truck loads. All containers include a competitive flat rate, convenient drop off and pickup, and 7-day use period.

If you are a builder or remodeler for a Middletown, KY commercial construction company or “do-it-yourself” homeowner, our construction dumpster service will meet your needs. We can place our “mini” containers in the most optimal positions to facilitate your work site.

Moon Mini Dumpsters provides convenient service to all of the greater Louisville area. Don’t settle for a dumpster chain company with “middle men” and extra fees. “Ask for the Moon, and get it!” (502) 772-2821

Written by Bob Jones

6 Yd Roll Off Containers for Small St. Matthews, KY Junk Removal

st matthews kyDo you have a small amount of junk that is just too big for St. Matthews, KY city services? No problem. Moon Mini Dumpsters provides roll off containers of all sizes for small and large junk removal needs.

St. Matthews, KY Junk Removal Policy

In St. Matthews, KY residents are allowed one large item for junk pickup. Any more than this and a separate appointment needs to be made. Then items need to be dragged out to the curb. What if you forgot something? What if other items need to be thrown out two days later? Then you need to call again!!!

Remove all of your junk at once.

Moon Mini Dumpsters provides easy and convenient dumpster service. One low price includes drop off, pickup and use of a container for 7 days. Take your time and make sure everything that needs to go is placed into the dumpster.

Our 6 cubic yard dumpster is ideal for junk removal and DIY projects like small kitchen and bath remodels, fencing and roofing disposal, and garage or basement cleanup. We can place the “mini” dumpster in an optimal place to facilitate your needs. Place all of your trash, junk and parts in the bin as you work.

Call Bob to discuss the details of your junk removal project. He’ll help you select the appropriate dumpster size to fit your needs. (502) 772-2821

Written by Bob Jones

Mini Roll-Off Dumpsters Are A Good Fit for Hurstbourne

hurstbourne kyIf you have a cleanup or construction project that requires a dumpster, call Moon Mini Dumpsters. Moon proudly serves Hurstbourne, KY and the neighboring Louisville areas.

Why does Moon use “mini” roll-off dumpsters?

Moon uses mini roll-off dumpsters because they are more compact and easier to maneuver. Mini containers are designed to fit in tight spaces and not take up a lot of room. Our bins are ideal for alleys, driveways, side yards and small areas between houses and yards.

Dumpsters are available in 6, 9, 12 and 16 cubic yard sizes. We will gladly discuss the details of your project or job and help you select the container best suited for your needs. This prevents paying for a large, bulky dumpster with unneeded space.

Call Bob today and schedule your next mini dumpster project. (502) 772-2821

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Affordable Dumpster Services for Jeffersontown, KY Residents

jeffersontown kyMoon Mini Dumpsters provides a variety of affordable dumpster options for residents of Jeffersontown, KY. Our dumpsters are dependable, compact, and pleasing to the eye. Scheduling dumpster services is easy and convenient!

Moon offers more options for residential junk removal.

The Jeffersontown community leaders provide excellent garbage collection service. Citizens can even arrange for bulk pickup as part of their local program. However, bulk item pickups are limited to three items. Sometimes people need more space than this.

Moon dumpsters are designed to provide maximum space for minimum cost. They are not bulky and do not take up valuable space in your yard or driveway. Our mini roll-off dumpsters fit into tight spaces that are practical for Jeffersontown residents. Call today and speak with Bob about the container size that fits your needs! (502) 772-2821

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clean dumpster outside home

Are You Remodeling Or De-cluttering an Area of Your Home?

Is a huge 20 or 30 yard dumpster too big for your project or the space you have for placement of a dumpster? Why not use one of our small roll off dumpsters for your home remodeling project or for cleaning out your basement or garage.

We offer 6, 9, 12 and 16 cubic yard dumpsters. Our small maneuverable trucks enable us to place our units in tighter spaces, and we’ll place boards under the dumpster to protect your driveway. Our pricing includes pickup and delivery of your unit, a 7-day service period and any dump fees.

Check out the rest of our site for more information or call us today at 502-772-2821.

Remodeling or De-Cluttering

Written by Bob Jones

Use a Portable Storage Container AND a Dumpster

Are you remodeling? You have one of our Moon Dumpsters for the demolition phase of your project. Why not get a portable moving and storage unit as well? This would allow you to remove furniture and other items from your work space. By using one of our storage units, you would have a less cluttered workspace and a protected environment for your personal belongings.

Mini Dumpsters and Portable Storage Containers

Our sister company, Go Mini’s Portable Storage in Louisville is the answer! We will deliver your container when and where you need it. By storing your items at your home, you can have access to them at any time. If you would prefer to not store the unit in your driveway, we can easily transfer it to our secure storage location. Once your remodeling project is complete we can re-deliver the full unit back to you. When you’ve unloaded your items, just give us a call and we’ll pick up the empty unit.

Our portable storage containers are clean, strong and dry with locking roll-up doors. They are made of steel construction with factory baked paint that eliminates sweating and moisture. In addition, they’re vented which reduces moisture and humidity within the unit. Go Mini’s offers 12, 16, and 20 foot units. Our 20 foot unit is 25% larger than the competition’s.

We are locally owned and offer high-quality, personal customer service. Call Bob Jones today at 502-772-2821 or visit Go Mini’s of Louisville for a free quote!

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