Louisville Junk Removal Reminder

louisville kyResidents of the Urban Services District of Louisville (the pre-merger City of Louisville boundaries) can now sign up by text & email to be reminded of your junk set-out dates. View the list of acceptable items for pickup.

Residential Dumpsters Louisville

Of course, sometimes you need to set out items that Louisville neighborhood services do not accept. Or maybe you need to set out more than the three allotted items. For these situations, call Moon Mini Dumpsters!

Moon provides residential dumpsters in Louisville at an outstanding rate! Maximize your space with one of our “Mini” dumpsters at a minimal cost. Rather than pay additional fees for neighborhood junk removal, pay ONE low cost and use one of our dumpsters for as long as you need.

Call Bob Jones today for a FREE dumpster evaluation! Bob will make sure you get the RIGHT size dumpster for your junk. This way you do not pay extra for UNUSED space. “Ask for the MOON…and get it!”

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Should I Use Louisville Junk Removal Services?

louisville residential roll off containerOften people wonder whether they should rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company. While both services can be beneficial, be sure to research both options completely before placing an order.

Moon Dumpsters in Louisville provides mini dumpsters for residential and commercial clients. Our dumpsters are designed for maximum volume while occupying minimum space on your property.

Junk Removal Caveats

Who are they working for?

There are not many LOCAL, family owned junk removal businesses that you can trust. Many are either an out-of-town operation or some guys just looking to make some dough. Not that there’s anything wrong with being hard working and making money, but whose side are they on?

Most junk removal companies charge by the load size. Thus, a dishonest company or person has NO INCENTIVE to load the truck efficiently. Dumpster containers, on the other hand, can be selected to fit your specific needs and are designed to achieve maximum capacity.

Is it worth your time?

Junk removal is a one-time thing. They show up, remove some stuff, and that’s it. But what if more junk or garbage needs to be removed? You would have to schedule another appointment.

Dumpster rentals typically last from 3-7 days. This allows for plenty of time to guarantee that ALL items have been removed. Also, you may decide that you want to add more junk than previously planned. It’s OK. Keep the dumpster until YOU are ready.

Moon Mini Dumpsters are designed to fit into smaller, more convenient spaces than traditional bulky containers. This allows for easy placement in driveways, alleys, yards and alongside houses. Loading your dumpster has never been easier!

Call Bob Jones today for a FREE dumpster evaluation! (502) 772-2821 ”Ask for the Moon…And get it!”

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jeffersonville IN

Jeffersonville IN Rollaway Dumpster

jeffersonville INJeffersonville, IN is a happening place these days. New projects and developments, such as the Ohio River Bridges and Big Four Station, are poised to bring revitalization to the area.

Jeffersonville Construction Rollaway Dumpster

With new development comes construction and subsequently cleanup. Located just across the River in Louisville, Moon Mini Dumpsters proudly serves Jeffersonville and southern Indiana. If you are a construction company or contractor in need of a temporary waste container, look no further.

Moon provides smaller, more efficient rollaway dumpsters that fit conveniently into your work area. The vertical design allows for maximum volume using limited space. Keep a container for the length of your project. Fill it with all of your waste, and we do the rest. We even strive to recycle as much of the discarded materials as possible.

Contact me, Bob Jones, (502) 772-2821 with any questions. “Ask for the Moon, and get it!”

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