5 Reasons People Will Need Dumpsters

louisville construction dumpstersA dumpster is a piece of equipment people do not think about until they need one. It is difficult to anticipate a situation that would require such capacity. Many people probably could not think of a reason for one on the spot if they were asked. Moon Mini Dumpsters would like to suggest 5 reasons why people would use one of our mini dumpsters:


  • Major overhauls-


    1. often caused by damage due to water or fire


    1. Excessive bulk items-many local service departments have a 1 or 2 item limit for curb side pickup


    1. Interior/Exterior remodeling-disposing of the previous materials often requires extra waste container space


  1. Construction site cleanup
  2. Landlords/Rental Agencies-removing junk, furniture and appliances left behind by previous tenants

If you need a dumpster for these or any other reason, call Bob Jones at (502) 772-2821 for a FREE estimate! Bob will help determine the best mini dumpster to fit your needs.

Written by Bob Jones

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