Waste Disposal: Where Does Waste Go?

When you throw your garbage or yard waste into a dumpster, it can be easy to never think about it again. All of that has to go somewhere, though. But where? There are a few main places your waste is most likely to go, depending on what it is and the waste disposal practices and regulations where you live. Let’s take a look at the main places that waste goes.

Landfills: The Main Form of Waste Disposal in the United States

Landfills are simply disposal sites for waste. Landfill workers carefully contain and monitor waste and waste byproducts in landfills to avoid contaminating groundwater, soil, and the air. Eventually, when landfills are completely full, they shut down. You can think of them as a way to isolate waste from the surrounding environment. In the United States, landfills are where most waste goes.

Recycling Centers

Recycling centers help repurpose items like plastics, glass, paper products, and metals. These centers sort through recyclable items and then compact them into ‘bales’ that can be sent to mills where they are processed into new materials. What is recyclable for you depends on the infrastructure and policies in your area, so always check your local and state practices.

Recycling, while still much less common than landfilling, has become more widely adopted in the past several decades. In 2015, for instance, 67.77 million tons of waste were recycled in the United States, with to 137.7 million tons of waste going to landfills. Compare this to 25 years prior- in 1990, only 29.04 million tons were recycled, with 145.27 million tons being landfilled. Recycling is a preferable alternative to landfilling today, since it means reusing materials as opposed to trying to contain them in a landfill.


Composting is another of the main ways to deal with waste. Compost facilities use controlled aerobic decomposition to help turn organic waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Many food scraps and bits of yard waste are compostable. The end product of composting can help grow plants and food. Many people create their own compost, and some communities have composting centers or facilities where community members can drop off organic matter waste. Composting has the benefits of lowering carbon footprints, enriching soil, and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

Waste Combustion: A Declining Method of Waste Disposal

Combustion is another approach for disposing of waste. Municipal solid waste incinerator facilities burn waste at an extremely high temperature. They then use steam produced from incineration to create energy. However, this process has significant negative impacts on the environment and local communities. They increase pollution in their communities, most of which are lower-income communities of color in the United States. Support for this form of disposal in the US seems to be diminishing, particularly because the remaining facilities in the United States are aging and have old, inefficient technology. But in other parts of the world like Europe, combustion waste management is quickly becoming more accepted. These facilities also have better technology that is potentially safer for the environment and communities.

Moon Dumpsters  makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-414-8028 today!

A green dumpster sitting in front of a house

The Origin of the Dumpster

The dumpster is a common utility container all around the world. Dumpsters are so commonplace in everyday life that you may have never stopped to think about where they came from. Prior to their invention, waste disposal was a significant hindrance to public health in areas of high population. The dumpster helped solve sanitation issues that many cities faced in the early 20th century by making waste disposal more efficient and less labor-intensive. 

Here’s a look at the origin of the dumpster. 

George Dempster

The story of the dumpster starts with George Dempster in the 1930’s. Dempster owned a construction business with his brothers in Knoxville, Tennessee. His experience with the logistics of transporting waste in the construction business sparked the idea for the dumpster, which he eventually created and patented in 1935.  

Dempster’s design initially involved a pulley system that was mounted to a motorized truck. Containers were raised by pins welded to their sides, and then transported and emptied through a hinged door. Dempster first used this system for his construction business to handle waste. However, as sanitation issues became more and more significant in cities, the Dempster dumpster became a widespread solution. 

The Dumpster as a Sanitation Solution

Prior to the dumpster, waste collection and removal was extremely inefficient. Garbage and debris (particularly in cities) regularly piled up along streets and on sidewalks. Cities required a lot of labor to mitigate this public health hazard. While waste could be hauled away by carriage, and later by the Model T Ford, this still involved a lot of manual labor. Workers had to load and unload garbage by hand. 

The Dempster dumpster allowed sanitary, enclosed storage for waste near places of business and residence, and made it easy to remove waste and return the container quickly. Crucially, the technology reduced the amount of hands-on labor required for sanitation. A single person could now pick up and handle waste collection with a dumpster. In 1937, Nashville, Tennessee became the first city to purchase the dumpster, becoming an early adopter of a technology that is now everywhere. 

Later models of the dumpster evolved for greater efficiency. Dempster improved the initial model by adding hydraulic lifting with chains and pivot arms, outstripping the lifting power of the old model’s cables and pulleys. Post-World War II, Dempster went on to design a single-axle end-dumping container with ten cubic yards of volume. This design, called the Dempster Kolector, allowed trucks to haul the containers behind them for quick collection, emptying, and delivery.  

Dempster created technology related to dumpsters as well. In the 1950’s, Dempster’s company created the Dempster-Dumpmaster, an early model for what we now know as the garbage truck. The front-loading design allowed truck drivers to empty multiple dumpsters in one trip without ever leaving their seats. 

Modern Dumpster Technology

It’s safe to say that Dempster’s inventions have played a huge role in shaping waste collection and sanitation as we know them today. Dumpster designs have changed over the years and there are numerous options on the market. 

Companies like Moon Dumpsters now offer dumpsters ranging from 6 to 40 cubic yards, and roll-off dumpsters and other designs are now common. Moon also makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-414-8028 today!

10 Things You Might Not Think About While Spring Cleaning

So it’s finally time to tackle that dreaded Spring cleaning. Winter weather has left your home with a tangle of shoes, dusty baseboards, and smudged windows. But where to begin? Here are 10 things you might not think about when doing Spring cleaning.

1. Planning

The best way to make sure you accomplish what you want during your Spring cleaning is to set clear goals and an action plan to accomplish them. What do you want your home to look like when you are done? How do you want to feel when you’ve finished everything? Do you want to do an all-day clean, or break it up over a weekend or even a full month ? These sorts of questions are important to ask before starting on your cleaning. You can even write them down as a reminder of why you are doing a clean and what your big goals are.

2. Making A Task List

From there, you should figure out the exact tasks necessary to meet your goals. You may need to sweep and vacuum multiple floors, clean windows, dust baseboards, and more. Making a task list is a great way to get a sense of the scope of your project.

3. Gathering Supplies

Next up is figuring out if you are prepared for all of the tasks. Make sure you have the cleaning supplies you need- nothing stops a project short like running out of something essential. It can be helpful to get all of your supplies assembled and lined up for ease of access before beginning your clean.

4. Establishing Expectations

Lastly, before you begin, it’s important to figure out how you want the cleaning to go. You might give yourself a short break after every hour of cleaning, or you might just want to get up early and power through until lunch time. Either way, establishing your expectations and setting up your context to support them is crucial. This includes prepping food, drinks, music, and anything else that will help you stay energized as you complete your epic cleaning.

5. Decluttering

You should start your clean with a declutter. Whether this is removing things from tabletops or clearing floorspace, your efforts will be much more efficient if you make space before beginning. You may even use it as an opportunity to reorganize.

6. Cleaning Top To Bottom

Any time you are cleaning a room, it’s important to think about the levels of the room and the order you should clean them. You should clean cobwebs from a ceiling fan before vacuuming the floor. Don’t forget the walls or baseboards either. These are all too easy to overlook on normal cleanings, and may have accumulated a lot of dust and grime.

7. Checking Filters And Alarms

Don’t forget to check the less obvious things. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to check and replace any filters you may have in an HVAC system. It’s also the perfect time to test fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and replace batteries if needed. By doing these things every Spring, you’ll rest easier all year knowing your air and detectors are optimal.

8. Cleaning Appliances

Appliances need cleaning and care too. Your coffee maker, refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, and tea kettle may not get regular cleaning throughout the year. You can tackle all of these forgotten items during your Spring clean.

9. Rethinking Layouts

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to re-think your home’s layout. You don’t have to return everything to it’s previous place while you are cleaning- maybe it’s time to finally slide the couch over or try out a new kitchen arrangement. You may find your new favorite design idea!

10. Cleaning Outdoor Areas

Outdoor spaces require cleaning as well. Your porch, lawn furniture, and even front door should get a once-over during your Spring clean. Even a quick scrub or sweep can do wonders if you haven’t been keeping up with your outdoor areas.

A great Spring cleaning can produce a lot of trash. Moon Dumpsters has dumpsters of all sizes that can fit your project’s needs. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals, visit our website or call us at 502-414-8028 today!

Should I Use Louisville Junk Removal Services?

louisville residential roll off containerOften people wonder whether they should rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company. While both services can be beneficial, be sure to research both options completely before placing an order.

Moon Dumpsters in Louisville provides mini dumpsters for residential and commercial clients. Our dumpsters are designed for maximum volume while occupying minimum space on your property.

Junk Removal Caveats

Who are they working for?

There are not many LOCAL, family owned junk removal businesses that you can trust. Many are either an out-of-town operation or some guys just looking to make some dough. Not that there’s anything wrong with being hard working and making money, but whose side are they on?

Most junk removal companies charge by the load size. Thus, a dishonest company or person has NO INCENTIVE to load the truck efficiently. Dumpster containers, on the other hand, can be selected to fit your specific needs and are designed to achieve maximum capacity.

Is it worth your time?

Junk removal is a one-time thing. They show up, remove some stuff, and that’s it. But what if more junk or garbage needs to be removed? You would have to schedule another appointment.

Dumpster rentals typically last from 3-7 days. This allows for plenty of time to guarantee that ALL items have been removed. Also, you may decide that you want to add more junk than previously planned. It’s OK. Keep the dumpster until YOU are ready.

Moon Mini Dumpsters are designed to fit into smaller, more convenient spaces than traditional bulky containers. This allows for easy placement in driveways, alleys, yards and alongside houses. Loading your dumpster has never been easier!

Call Bob Jones today for a FREE dumpster evaluation! (502) 772-2821 ”Ask for the Moon…And get it!”

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Junk Removal or DIY Roll Off Containers in Louisville KY?

louisville mini dumpster owner bob jonesWorking in the garbage collection and trash hauling industry, we get this question A LOT. Our classic response is it depends on the entirety of the situation. Certain factors may make one choice more applicable. Moon Mini Dumpsters in Louisville often finds that dumpsters can be more cost efficient.

Things to consider between junk removal and roll off containers:
-Budget-How much can you spend?
-Manpower-Are you getting any assistance?
-Nature of the job-A lot of furniture? Garbage?

Advantages to DIY Containers

Can be “labor-free”-The customer does not pick up or drop off the dumpster. If you can find relatives or neighbors, or maybe even hire one or two local teens to load the dumpster, you can spend a fraction of the cost compared to “professionals.”

Comprehensive Services-What if you don’t want to get rid of EVERYTHING? Companies like MOON offer portable storage as well as containers. Keep what you want and throw out what you don’t!

Environmentally Friendly-Many 21st century mini dumpster companies are “green.” This means they sort through for recycling and reusable items. Junk removal often means things just get thrown away.

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5 Reasons People Will Need Dumpsters

louisville construction dumpstersA dumpster is a piece of equipment people do not think about until they need one. It is difficult to anticipate a situation that would require such capacity. Many people probably could not think of a reason for one on the spot if they were asked. Moon Mini Dumpsters would like to suggest 5 reasons why people would use one of our mini dumpsters:

  1. Major overhauls-often caused by damage due to water or fire
  2. Excessive bulk items-many local service departments have a 1 or 2 item limit for curb side pickup
  3. Interior/Exterior remodeling-disposing of the previous materials often requires extra waste container space
  4. Construction site cleanup
  5. Landlords/Rental Agencies-removing junk, furniture and appliances left behind by previous tenants

If you need a dumpster for these or any other reason, call Bob Jones at (502) 772-2821 for a FREE estimate! Bob will help determine the best mini dumpster to fit your needs.

Written by Bob Jones

Mini Dumpster for Louisville Spring Cleaning

nine cubic yard mini dumpster

9 cu yd mini dumpster

Do you need to do some spring cleaning around your Louisville home? A Moon mini dumpster is perfect for the job. Call Bob Jones today for a free service evaluation.

Louisville Mini Dumpsters

So why a “Mini” roll off dumpster?

Sometimes a cleanup project does not call for a large, bulky container. Sometimes a smaller, more manageable dumpster is the best option. Moon mini dumpsters fit well in tight spaces. We can place them next to your house, garage, or alleyway. This makes loading them much easier for you. Less travel from the house to the dumpster means you can complete your spring cleaning in LESS TIME.

9 Cubic Yard Dumpster

The 9 yd dumpster is perfect for small to medium-sized cleaning projects:

  • Holds as much as 4.5 pickup trucks
  • 10 ft long x 8 ft wide x 3.5 ft deep
  • Up to 5,000 lbs

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Moon Roll-Off Dumpsters Louisville KY

Belle of Louisville kyMoon Mini Dumpsters is proud to live and operate in Louisville, KY. Louisville is home to some of the world’s best bourbon, sports and steamboats. Moon upholds the tradition of Louisville quality with excellent customer service and high quality roll-off dumpsters.

Roll-Off Dumpsters Louisville KY

With Moon Mini Dumpsters, “Ask for the Moon, and get it!” We make using a dumpster in Louisville, KY easy and affordable. We are a LOCAL company. We do not have a “call center” or automated services. Call Bob Jones today for a free dumpster evaluation. Bob will make sure you get the optimal dumpster size to fit your needs. (502) 772-2821

Why Moon?

  • Residential and Commercial Dumpsters
  • Locally Owned
  • Environmentally Friendly

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