How winter changes your backyard and how to keep it alive.

How Winter Changes Your Backyard and Why You’ll Want a Dumpster Come Spring

Winter is a wonderful, beautiful season necessary in most parts of the world for the natural environment to flourish; unfortunately, our precisely-landscaped lawns, gardens, and outdoor structures aren’t always included in the ‘flourishing’ facet of the season. We all know that colder temperatures, less and weaker sunlight, and snowy, icy precipitation causes dormancy in most plants, but that most don’t die over the winter. Despite a lot of winter changes, your yard will likely make a comeback on its own!

So why would you need a dumpster in the spring?

Even if you think that you won’t need something as large as a dumpster (and Moon offers sizes as small as 6 yards for all dumpster needs), remember that bulky yard waste might not be accepted by your neighborhood garbage services, and that dumping yard waste can be illegal and have negative consequences on the environment by damaging native plants, lowering soil quality, and spreading invasive plant species.

So, even though lawns are quite resilient with the correct care and environmentally-adjusted greenery choices, the amount of work that will need to be put in when springtime comes around again depends heavily on a lot of different factors, such as:

  • The amount of pre-winter lawncare you took part in
  • The type and longevity of precipitation and weather that you experience during the winter months
  • What your vision for your springtime yard is
  • How long you’re willing to wait for full lawn recovery

Based on these components, here are some very common winter changes that make a good reason for getting a dumpster for your springtime yard revival so that you can save time, money, and effort!

Fallen Sticks and Limbs

Especially if you had periods of heavy precipitation followed by large amounts of snow, you sometimes might not even be aware of what lurks under the undisturbed blankets of snow until it all melts. Sticks and limbs that fall during the winter might be too water-damaged to use in backyard fires by the time you get around to it, and can fill up your yard waste bin pretty quickly if you choose to try and fit them there.

Deck Damage

The combination of heavy ice, trampled snow, and trickles of water that sit on it all winter, your deck is a very important item to check when it clears off, especially if it’s old or was already showing signs of weakness and damage before the winter. Don’t wait for injuries to happen! If you do decide that its time for a new surface and DIY the breakdown, we have a dumpster size to fit your project!

Dead Plants

Not all plants are suitable for long winters, and there are always other factors that can have a hand in taking even the most resilient plants out. Weighty ice can break down stems and support, salt from de-icers can cause dehydration and salt burns, deep frost can destroy a plant or tree’s central root system, and late frost can be a silent killer when you think you’re in the clear.

Critter Damage

While looking for a snug, snow-free home for the winter, backyard critters might cause some accidental decimation in your yard. You might find that shrubs and trees have been stripped for food or sit on top of newly-dug hole-homes that create structural instability. While most of this damage has the potential to be reversible, if your yard was a hotspot for wildlife, there might be some greenery that just won’t make a comeback in the spring. Winter changes to your yard aren’t always caused by the weather!

Frost Cracks

In a lot of cases regarding frost cracks in trees from water infiltrating the wood and expanding when it freezes, there won’t be any need for removal. But if you notice structural instability in a very young or very old tree that is dying from too many, too often and can’t take the stress, you might want to consider removal and replacement. If you aren’t convinced, here’s 5 Reasons to Remove Dead Trees from Your Yard.

Matted Grass

After months of packed-in snow, ice, and little feet pitter-pattering everything into an even more compact layer, you should expect your grass to look a little worse for wear. With some help from tips on lawncare in the late winter and early spring, your grass should come back nice and strong. But to help aerate and groom it, raking any loose debris is recommended by most lawncare experts! If you have a big yard, that might be a big job – too much for a regular yard waste bin.

New Weed Growth

Finally, after a winter off-duty from weed watching, pulling, and spraying, these pesky plants will be some of the first to pop up and thrive in the warming temperatures and increased sunlight. Once you’ve psyched yourself up for the job, Moon dumpsters is here to haul it all away!

Moon Has Your Back This Spring

Backyard winter changes aren’t all bad and they also aren’t all so serious that drastic measures must be taken. But, as seen above, there are many ways that changes could need a dumpster. Moon has you covered!

Consider renting a Moon Mini Dumpster, no matter what size project you choose to undertake. Our driveway dumpsters come in 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard capacities. Affordable and lightweight, a dumpster will be delivered directly to you and placed on boards for surface protection. We are environmentally-friendly, locally-owned, and willing to work with any time frame. Give us a call at 502-772-2821 to learn more!