dumpster rentals in lexington kentucky

Dumpster Rentals in Lexington Kentucky

With a population of 321,951 Lexington, Kentucky is most famously known as the horse capital of the world. Businesses like UPS, Amazon, and Toyota Manufacturing are some of the largest operators and employers within the city. Known for it’s history, bourbon and horses, Lexington is also a popular college town. The University of Kentucky is just one of 15 colleges and vocational programs in the area.

Moon Dumpsters is locally owned and operated out of Lexington, Kentucky and offers the largest selection of roll off dumpsters on the market. With 7 different sizes to choose from, Moon Dumpsters is the best option for dumpster rentals in Lexington Kentucky. All of Moon’s dumpsters are lightweight and can be easily maneuvered within tight spaces. Sizes range from 6 yards to 40 and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications such as:

  • Commercial Recycling
  • Construction Sites
  • Demolitions
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Renovations
  • Clean Outs 

Residential Dumpsters

Moon’s dumpsters are the ideal solution for those undergoing a major home clean out or renovation. Our 6, 9, 12, 16 and 20 cubic yard dumpsters are just the right size to hold debris from any kitchen and bathroom remodel or DIY project. For those moving a relative out or making a move themselves, Moon Dumpsters is an affordable option that will help get the job done quickly. Finally cleaning out the garage or basement? Don’t let the extra debris pile up as you wait for weekly pick up.

When you rent from Moon you won’t be the eye sore of the neighborhood. We deliver clean and properly maintained dumpsters that are driveway safe. Upon delivery, each dumpster is placed on boards for optimal surface protection. When you’re ready to have it picked up, just call us and we will promptly haul away both the dumpster and trash from your residence so you don’t have to load up your personal vehicle and make multiple trips to the landfill.

Commercial Dumpsters

The right sized dumpster is an integral part to keeping any work site safe and clean. Whether you’re a residential contractor or on a major job site, Moon’s dumpsters are durable enough to handle the job. We offer short term and long term contracts and will haul away roofing or fencing material leftover from a demolition. Our commercial dumpsters are also a great fit for those looking to simplify their recycling efforts or streamline their company’s waste. With 30 and 40 cubic yard options, no task or need is too big!

When it comes to dumpster rentals in Lexington Kentucky, we offer unbeatable prices and customer service. To reserve a dumpster for your next project, call Moon Dumpsters at 502-443-1638.


Louisville Dumpster Rental Company Adds More Dumpster Sizes Including 30 Cubic Yard and 40 Cubic Yard to Product Offerings

Moon Dumpster Rentals Louisville & Lexington KY

Moon Dumpsters’ Bob Jones is excited to announce the line of commercial dumpsters to the Kentuckiana area.

Louisville, Kentucky February 07, 2019 Business News

(PRLEAP.COM) Moon Dumpsters offers roll-off dumpsters for rent in a variety of sizes to suit commercial and residential use to customers in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding regions. Locally-owned and operated and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Moon Dumpsters is also able to accommodate dumpster orders in areas throughout Kentucky as well as in Southern Indiana.

Moon Dumpsters has been serving customers across Kentucky and Southern Indiana for over a decade. The company works hard to deliver a clean high-quality product in a timely fashion at an affordable price – operating with the tagline: “Ask for the Moon and Get It!”

The dumpster rental company has a large inventory, providing customers with a wide selection of dumpster options ranging in size from 6 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards. Most recently 30 and 40 cubic yard dumpsters have been added to Moon’s extensive line.

Moon Dumpster company’s Bob Jones explains this decision: “We really wanted to be able to better serve our commercial customers. After noticing an increased demand for larger dumpsters, we invested in a new fleet of 30 and 40 cubic yard dumpsters to add to our inventory. We’re very excited to be able to better serve area businesses with our dumpster service.” Read more about Moon Dumpster Rentals HERE.

Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Spring Cleaning

While we all look forward to Spring, it’s the cleaning part that seems to have us always dragging our feet. Whether it’s your basement, garage or spare room, things tend to have a way of piling up over the year and removing them can be well, daunting.

Renting a dumpster however, can be a helpful way to get started and make it easy on yourself in the long run. Here are a few reasons why a small residential dumpster can help you finally tackle your spring-cleaning checklist:

There’s A Deadline

Sometimes we all need a little push to get the job done. Often times when it comes to spring cleaning, we start, stop and never get back to it. By renting a dumpster, you are already committing to getting the task done within a certain time frame because you’ve set aside a time for drop off and pick up. If you find you need some extra time, you can always extend your rental period. However, chances are you’ll find yourself highly motivated to finish your project just by renting the dumpster in the first place.

You Can Get Rid Of Junk

When it comes to cleaning out a space, deciding you don’t want an item any more is easy. It’s choosing what to do with it that’s the hard part. Once you’ve decided to throw an item away, a dumpster comes in handy in that you actually have the resources to remove it. Instead of having to bag all your junk up, put it little by little in your residential trash can, or haul it away in your vehicle, you can simply toss it in the dumpster. Everything you don’t want to donate or keep, can just be placed in the dumpster; saving you the time and hassle of multiple trips, having to borrow a truck, and precious garage space. The dumpster will be picked up for you and all your debris will go with it!

You Can Consolidate Trash & Recyclables

Just because it’s trash to you doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. Moon Dumpsters will recycle certain types of loads. For example, yard waste will be recycled as long as household items are not mixed in with the load. The same is true with roofing material, paper and metals. Moon recycles shingles, paper and metals as long as the load is 100% roofing materials, 100% paper, or 100% metal products.

Remove Items Big & Small

You’d be surprised what even a smaller residential dumpster can fit. From ratty old furniture and appliances, to papers, clothes, and knick knacks, a residential dumpster can likely fit it all. If you don’t know how much space you’ll need, just ask a professional so you don’t end up paying for space you won’t use.

At Moon Dumpsters, we believe in fast, friendly service. All of our residential roll-off dumpsters are well maintained and placed on boards to protect your driveway and or landscape. Choose from many different dumpster sizes, depending on your needs. We guarantee easy access as well as a smooth delivery and pick up. For more information, or to rent a Moon Mini Dumpster, simply call us at 502-772-2821, email us at bjones@mooncompanies.net or request one online!

Do Mini Dumpsters Hold the Same Amount as Larger Dumpsters?

louisville ky mini dumpster rentalYes! The space-saving design decreases the “footprint” of the dumpster, not the capacity. This means our dumpsters take up less space in your work area while holding just as much. Our “mini” dumpster rentals are available in 6, 9, 12 and 16 cu. yd. sizes.

Mini Dumpster Rental Louisville KY

By utilizing smaller dumpster sizes, Moon Mini Dumpsters is able to save you money! Most companies offer large, bulky dumpsters that use MORE of your work space and have TOO MUCH room. This means you’re paying for container volume that you DO NOT NEED!

Don’t let this happen to you! Most home renovations, clean outs, junk removal and DIY projects do not require excessive volumes.

In addition, our smaller containers are delivered by smaller trucks. This means they are easier to maneuver and place in a position that is OPTIMAL for YOUR needs. We can drop off the dumpster in a spot that is convenient for YOU and makes your job EASIER.

For a FREE dumpster size evaluation in Louisville, KY call Bob Jones (502) 772-2821.

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Why Rent From Moon Dumpsters in Louisville?

dumpster rental louisville kyWhether you are a Louisville homeowner or construction company, Moon Mini Dumpsters has the junk removal container for your next project. Our business plan is designed to save you money. We do NOT rent out large, bulky dumpsters with more space than you need.

Free Dumpster Sizes Evaluation

Not sure which dumpster size to order? No problem! Call Moon today at (502) 772-2821 and ask for Bob. He’ll asses your job requirements and get the garbage container that benefits YOU the most, not us.

Local Louisville Dumpster Rental

Moon started in 1992. That’s 22 years of service to the greater Louisville and southern Indiana region. We do what’s best for our customers not because it’s good for business, but because it’s how people should be treated. We care about our customers because we are Louisville residents ourselves. We take efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We recycle trash that would otherwise add to landfills and pollute our air, ground and water.

Come see for yourself! Let us show you what customer-focused service is.

As always, “Ask for the Moon, and get it!”

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Take Advantage of Warm Louisville Weather With Moon Mini Dumpsters

owner bob jones next to louisville ky dumpsterSummer is here! The time for fixing up the house and completing DIY projects is upon us. Take advantage of the warm weather and complete your Louisville home or business renovations today!

Summer Dumpster Rental Louisville

Moon Mini Dumpsters provides roll-off containers for projects big and small. Our space saving design maximizes efficiency at a reduced cost. Rent a 6, 9, 12 or 16 cu. yd. dumpster for your residential or commercial project.

Need to fix the roof? Replacing the siding? Getting rid of old inventory? No problem! Moon dumpster rentals are designed to fit your specific needs. Our waste bins are easy to load and unload nearly anywhere! This means you can place the dumpster close to your work site for quick and easy completion.

Not sure which dumpster size to choose? No problem! Call Bob Jones today (502) 772-2821 to discuss the details of your task. He will make sure you DO NOT OVERPAY for container space you DO NOT NEED.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. Get your junk removal needs met today!

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Junk Removal or DIY Roll Off Containers in Louisville KY?

louisville mini dumpster owner bob jonesWorking in the garbage collection and trash hauling industry, we get this question A LOT. Our classic response is it depends on the entirety of the situation. Certain factors may make one choice more applicable. Moon Mini Dumpsters in Louisville often finds that dumpsters can be more cost efficient.

Things to consider between junk removal and roll off containers:
-Budget-How much can you spend?
-Manpower-Are you getting any assistance?
-Nature of the job-A lot of furniture? Garbage?

Advantages to DIY Containers

Can be “labor-free”-The customer does not pick up or drop off the dumpster. If you can find relatives or neighbors, or maybe even hire one or two local teens to load the dumpster, you can spend a fraction of the cost compared to “professionals.”

Comprehensive Services-What if you don’t want to get rid of EVERYTHING? Companies like MOON offer portable storage as well as containers. Keep what you want and throw out what you don’t!

Environmentally Friendly-Many 21st century mini dumpster companies are “green.” This means they sort through for recycling and reusable items. Junk removal often means things just get thrown away.

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5 Reasons People Will Need Dumpsters

louisville construction dumpstersA dumpster is a piece of equipment people do not think about until they need one. It is difficult to anticipate a situation that would require such capacity. Many people probably could not think of a reason for one on the spot if they were asked. Moon Mini Dumpsters would like to suggest 5 reasons why people would use one of our mini dumpsters:

  1. Major overhauls-often caused by damage due to water or fire
  2. Excessive bulk items-many local service departments have a 1 or 2 item limit for curb side pickup
  3. Interior/Exterior remodeling-disposing of the previous materials often requires extra waste container space
  4. Construction site cleanup
  5. Landlords/Rental Agencies-removing junk, furniture and appliances left behind by previous tenants

If you need a dumpster for these or any other reason, call Bob Jones at (502) 772-2821 for a FREE estimate! Bob will help determine the best mini dumpster to fit your needs.

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Mini Dumpster for Louisville Spring Cleaning

nine cubic yard mini dumpster

9 cu yd mini dumpster

Do you need to do some spring cleaning around your Louisville home? A Moon mini dumpster is perfect for the job. Call Bob Jones today for a free service evaluation.

Louisville Mini Dumpsters

So why a “Mini” roll off dumpster?

Sometimes a cleanup project does not call for a large, bulky container. Sometimes a smaller, more manageable dumpster is the best option. Moon mini dumpsters fit well in tight spaces. We can place them next to your house, garage, or alleyway. This makes loading them much easier for you. Less travel from the house to the dumpster means you can complete your spring cleaning in LESS TIME.

9 Cubic Yard Dumpster

The 9 yd dumpster is perfect for small to medium-sized cleaning projects:

  • Holds as much as 4.5 pickup trucks
  • 10 ft long x 8 ft wide x 3.5 ft deep
  • Up to 5,000 lbs

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Moon Roll-Off Dumpsters Louisville KY

Belle of Louisville kyMoon Mini Dumpsters is proud to live and operate in Louisville, KY. Louisville is home to some of the world’s best bourbon, sports and steamboats. Moon upholds the tradition of Louisville quality with excellent customer service and high quality roll-off dumpsters.

Roll-Off Dumpsters Louisville KY

With Moon Mini Dumpsters, “Ask for the Moon, and get it!” We make using a dumpster in Louisville, KY easy and affordable. We are a LOCAL company. We do not have a “call center” or automated services. Call Bob Jones today for a free dumpster evaluation. Bob will make sure you get the optimal dumpster size to fit your needs. (502) 772-2821

Why Moon?

  • Residential and Commercial Dumpsters
  • Locally Owned
  • Environmentally Friendly

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