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Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Spring Cleaning

While we all look forward to Spring, it’s the cleaning part that seems to have us always dragging our feet. Whether it’s your basement, garage or spare room, things tend to have a way of piling up over the year and removing them can be well, daunting.

Renting a dumpster however, can be a helpful way to get started and make it easy on yourself in the long run. Here are a few reasons why a small residential dumpster can help you finally tackle your spring-cleaning checklist:

There’s A Deadline

Sometimes we all need a little push to get the job done. Often times when it comes to spring cleaning, we start, stop and never get back to it. By renting a dumpster, you are already committing to getting the task done within a certain time frame because you’ve set aside a time for drop off and pick up. If you find you need some extra time, you can always extend your rental period. However, chances are you’ll find yourself highly motivated to finish your project just by renting the dumpster in the first place.

You Can Get Rid Of Junk

When it comes to cleaning out a space, deciding you don’t want an item any more is easy. It’s choosing what to do with it that’s the hard part. Once you’ve decided to throw an item away, a dumpster comes in handy in that you actually have the resources to remove it. Instead of having to bag all your junk up, put it little by little in your residential trash can, or haul it away in your vehicle, you can simply toss it in the dumpster. Everything you don’t want to donate or keep, can just be placed in the dumpster; saving you the time and hassle of multiple trips, having to borrow a truck, and precious garage space. The dumpster will be picked up for you and all your debris will go with it!

You Can Consolidate Trash & Recyclables

Just because it’s trash to you doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. Moon Dumpsters will recycle certain types of loads. For example, yard waste will be recycled as long as household items are not mixed in with the load. The same is true with roofing material, paper and metals. Moon recycles shingles, paper and metals as long as the load is 100% roofing materials, 100% paper, or 100% metal products.

Remove Items Big & Small

You’d be surprised what even a smaller residential dumpster can fit. From ratty old furniture and appliances, to papers, clothes, and knick knacks, a residential dumpster can likely fit it all. If you don’t know how much space you’ll need, just ask a professional so you don’t end up paying for space you won’t use.

At Moon Dumpsters, we believe in fast, friendly service. All of our residential roll-off dumpsters are well maintained and placed on boards to protect your driveway and or landscape. Choose from many different dumpster sizes, depending on your needs. We guarantee easy access as well as a smooth delivery and pick up. For more information, or to rent a Moon Mini Dumpster, simply call us at 502-772-2821, email us at or request one online!