Jeffersonville IN is on the Rise

Jeffersonville INIf you have not been to Jeffersonville, IN lately, you should make plans to visit today! Local residents will tell you that recent transformations make Jeff the place to be! Nestled along the Ohio River in SE Indiana, Jeffersonville is just across from Louisville. “Today you look around Jeffersonville and can’t help but see the progress we’re making. Our City is on the move!” said Mayor Mike Moore.

Jeffersonville IN Business Development

Jeffersonville was recently named by as one of “Top 10 places in IN for job seekers.” Scores were based on a city’s growth, affordability and recent unemployment rates. City leaders are making special designations to promote a strong economy and job growth. “Storefront Improvement” grants have been set aside for exterior improvements to downtown storefronts. The Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Zone encourages development, or redevelopment, in parts of the city where it might not otherwise occur. The Jeff UEZ helps foster an environment where local businesses can locate, grow, flourish—and create jobs.

big four bridge project jeffersonville in

Jeffersonville-A Thriving Community

Again, Jeff city officials are taking action to improve the overall quality and visitor experience. Homes are being renovated thanks to “Front Porch Project” grants. These are funds to help downtown homeowners maintain and fix up their homes. The Big 4 Bridge was reopened last year to promote cross traffic between IN and KY.
The ramp coming off of the Big Four Bridge into Historic Downtown Jeffersonville is scheduled to be opened in May 2014 for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Things are only going to get better for this entire area with the completion of the Downtown Crossing in 2016. The Downtown Crossing will connect downtown Louisville and Jeffersonville, running parallel to the existing Kennedy Bridge. The East End Crossing will be located eight miles upstream and connect Prospect, Ky. and Utica, Ind.

These are some insider tips on where to buy local and 2014 events.

Written by Bob Jones

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