Portable Dumpster Service in New Albany, IN

new albany INMoon Mini Dumpsters is located right across the River from beautiful New Albany, IN. We are proud to include New Albany in our service area. If residents or companies need reliable dumpster service, “Ask for the Moon, and get it!”

Professional New Albany Portable Dumpster

New Albany residents strive to keep their homes and community clean and appealing. Moon shares this desire to provide quality service for our customers. We maintain our “mini” portable dumpsters to the highest standards. We understand that people do not want an unsightly container in front of their homes, drawing ire from the neighbors. Plus, Moon is able to maneuver our bins into places other companies can not. We can place the dumpster in an optimal position for your cleanup project. Our dumpsters fit in alleys, driveways, next to garages and other “out of the way” areas.

From the first phone call or online order to the final pickup of the portable dumpster, Moon provides professional service and communication with our customers. Being a local Louisville company, we can also usually accommodate last minute changes to the agreed upon schedule. We do not have to contact a “home office” for approval. Each size container order comes with a fixed, affordable rate, week-long service period, and a promise to recycle as much of the items placed in our dumpsters as possible.

Call Bob Jones today at (502) 772-2821 to discuss the details of your portable dumpster. He will help you select the appropriate container to fit your needs, so you do NOT overpay for unneeded space.

Written by Bob Jones

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