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Anchorage, KY Residents Use 16 yd Containers for Home Remodel

anchorage kyAre you remodeling your Anchorage, KY home? Getting new appliances or furniture? Call Moon Mini Dumpsters today for a 16 yd residential dumpster.

Why use Moon Mini Dumpsters?

Moon offers dependable service at competitive prices. One flat rate provides container drop off, pickup and a 7 day service period. Our dumpsters are well maintained and compact. The “mini” design allows even our 16 yd container to be placed in a convenient location for your home remodel project. Our trucks can maneuver into spaces close to your home or garage to reduce the amount of lifting and carrying you have to do. Load all of your appliances, furniture and used materials in one trip!

Ideal uses for 16 yd dumpster:

  • Large kitchen and bathroom demolition
  • Re-modeling projects
  • Home additions

Moon Mini Dumpsters is a local mini dumpster company. We proudly serve Anchorage, KY and the greater Louisville area. Call Bob Jones today to discuss the details of your home remodeling project. (502) 772-2821

Written by Bob Jones

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