Dumpster Rentals in Shively, Kentucky

Shively is a third-class city in the southwest region of Jefferson County, Kentucky. Located adjacent to the Ohio River, Shively boasts a population of over 15,000 residents with a dense suburban atmosphere.

If you live or work in Shively, you are in the service area of Moon, a locally-owned, full-service leasing company that offers roll-off dumpster rentals, portable restroom rentals, trailer and container rentals, greasetrap cleaning, refrigerated container rentals, and other related services. We’ve proudly served Shively, Louisville, and the surrounding regions for decades.

Keep reading to learn about the history of Shively, popular venues, upcoming events, and how Moon Dumpsters can help your family or business this year.

The Origins of Shively

The area currently known as Shively was first settled by farmers in the late 1700s. Certain individuals, such as the Shively family and Colonel William Pope, owned large portions of land. Christian William Shively owned over 1,000 acres, on which he built a mill and a tavern. The tavern became a popular rest-stop for travelers on the Louisville and Nashville Turnpike, which connected downtown Louisville to the Salt River. As it grew, this area became known as the “Shively Precinct.” In the mid 1800s, Shively attracted many German immigrants who constructed St. Helen’s Catholic Church. This caused the area to briefly be known as “St. Helens.” 

What To Do in Shively

Shively offers a variety of attractions. Parks include Shively Park and Leeds Park. There are three major distilleries in Shively: Brown Forman, Stitzel-Weller, and Michter’s. Altitude Trampoline Park offers plenty of family fun, as well as Danger Run, a haunted house. Popular restaurants include Rooster’s, Indi’s, and Texas Roadhouse. Shively is also located in close proximity to state landmarks like Churchill Downs, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and the Speed Art Museum. 

Upcoming Events in Shively

If you’re looking to get involved in Shively’s local community, there are plenty of ongoing projects and upcoming events to partake in. On April 16, the 4th Annual Shively Community Pancake Breakfast will be happening at the Heritage Center. Admission is free! Starting in June, the Shively Farmers & Artisans Market will be occurring weekly. See more upcoming events like city council meetings here

Dumpster Rentals in Shively, Kentucky

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