Moon dumpsters will take care of your trash and household waste when it becomes unmanageable so that you don't have to burn it in your backyard.

Why You Should Never Burn Household Waste

When trash and debris start piling up, it might be ingrained in some of us that the most effective, time-saving, and economical way to get rid of it is to throw it in a heap and burn it. Especially now, as spring edges into the weather and it warms up enough that folks take it as […]

How winter changes your backyard and how to keep it alive.

How Winter Changes Your Backyard and Why You’ll Want a Dumpster Come Spring

Winter is a wonderful, beautiful season necessary in most parts of the world for the natural environment to flourish; unfortunately, our precisely-landscaped lawns, gardens, and outdoor structures aren’t always included in the ‘flourishing’ facet of the season. We all know that colder temperatures, less and weaker sunlight, and snowy, icy precipitation causes dormancy in most […]

Should I remove dead trees from my yard?

5 Reasons Why You Should Remove Dead Trees From Your Yard

When you landscape a yard, it never seems complete without a nice, big, shady tree to hang a tire swing from or build a treehouse in. They’re sturdy, they’re hardy, and they bring an extra aesthetic and dimensional pop to your yard that you can’t always get with shrubs and flowers. But trees, just like […]