Should I remove dead trees from my yard?

5 Reasons Why You Should Remove Dead Trees From Your Yard

When you landscape a yard, it never seems complete without a nice, big, shady tree to hang a tire swing from or build a treehouse in. They’re sturdy, they’re hardy, and they bring an extra aesthetic and dimensional pop to your yard that you can’t always get with shrubs and flowers. But trees, just like […]

Budget Backyard Makeover Tips for Renovation and Remodeling

How To Do a Backyard Makeover on A Budget

Owning a house is expensive. Not just the initial buy, or the materials needed to move, or upkeep of the existing features of the house – but the renovations needed can put a real ding in your wallet. Now, not all renovations or upgrades are necessary for a house to be functional – such as backyard […]

Recycling Louisville, Things You Can Recycle

What Can I Recycle in Louisville Kentucky?

Disposing of waste in a clean and environmentally friendly manner is hard. From overrun landfills to bigger issues like this “garbage patch” in the Pacific Ocean, we clearly have some problems surrounding what to do with our garbage. Recycling is one solution and a great way to practice sustainability and conservation from home. Most cities, […]