Louisville Metro Council Votes 2% Increase on Natural Gas

Louisville Metro CouncilThe Courier-Journal reported that the Louisville Metro Council narrowly voted for a 2 percent fee to be paid by many Louisville Gas & Electric natural gas customers. The fee was proposed by Mayor Greg Fischer last month. The expected start date of the fee is December 1.

Residents of old Louisville and the unincorporated county will be expected to pay an additional $13 a year per household. The increase will generate about $3.6 million a year. Mayor Fischer plans to use this money to fund public safety improvements, most notably new police officers to keep city streets safe.

As expected, there is much debate over this issue. Some city leaders say the increase is needed because the money for public safety programs is “not there.” Louisville residents feel as though they are taxed enough and would like the programs to be paid with existing funds.

Written by Bob Jones

Indiana Opens First LNG Station In Sellersburg

LNG station sellersburg inBlu opened Indiana’s first liquified natural gas (LNG) station this past September.

The station is located in Sellersburg off I-65 in southeastern Indiana. Local residents and lawmakers were on hand to welcome what many consider to be the future of fuel in America.

What is LNG?
Liquified natural gas (LNG) is pumped out of the ground in gas form. When the gas is reduced to -260 F it becomes a liquid. At this point it can be stored and transported easily for use.

What is LNG used for?
Liquified natural gas is most commonly used for heating and energy. Over 3/4 of the commercial and residential sectors use natural gas. LNG can also be converted into compressed natural gas (CNG) and used for automobiles. CNG is often used by fleets of vehicles. Some automobile makers have CNG models that do not run on any gasoline.

LNG benefits greater than gasoline or diesel.

Benefits of using LNG include:

  • low cost
  • safer for the environment
  • domestically abundant

All of this points to a significant reduction, and potential eventual elimination, of American dependence on foreign oil.

Moon Mini Dumpsters supports the use of alternative fuels and other environmentally friendly programs.

We are proud of the progressive and resourceful businesses in the southeastern IN and Louisville, KY areas.

Written by Bob Jones