Budget Backyard Makeover Tips for Renovation and Remodeling

How To Do a Backyard Makeover on A Budget

Owning a house is expensive.

Not just the initial buy, or the materials needed to move, or upkeep of the existing features of the house – but the renovations needed can put a real ding in your wallet. Now, not all renovations or upgrades are necessary for a house to be functional – such as backyard makeover – but the appearance of the house can have a real effect on overall happiness and satisfaction in your home.

Besides, it’s your home, why shouldn’t it look the way you want to?

Especially when it comes to backyards – which can play a big part in hosting social gatherings, creating a safe, fun place for you, your children, and your pets to play around in, and vastly increasing a property’s value – renovation expenses can rack up pretty quickly.

To help you remodel on a budget, we’ve compiled a small list of Dos and Don’ts to keep your costs down while still revamping your backyard’s look for the better.


Use What You Have

We know it’s hard doing DIY renovations with little experience and limited time in your day, but using what you already have is one of the best ways to keep costs to a minimum when remodeling.

A lot of the ‘renovations have to be expensive’ stigma stems from the fact that everyone wants new stuff. New wood, new playhouses, new decks, new furniture, new grills – while they might be easier and reflect exactly what you want with minimal work on your part, unfortunately, low-budget renovations don’t allow for all new materials.

Luckily, unless there’s seen or unseen damage to what you have already available and installed in your yard, most of the times, they can be great starts to DIY fixer uppers. Dreary concrete decks can be painted or made the base to an over-lay material to give it a new look, old furniture can be repainted, repurposed, or reupholstered, and broken wood can be torn down for space and repurposing in another part of the yard.

There are plenty of step-by-step tutorials on the internet for crafty, thrifty flip projects to follow!

Add Lighting

Depending on where you live, rainy seasons and longer periods of darkness can put a real damper on how your backyard looks. How can it look good if you can’t see it?

Putting up simple lighting solutions could be the solution or just the first step in your yard renovations. String lights, lanterns, path lighting, stair lighting, and spot lighting can be just the en’light’ening detail your backyard needs to look like a completely different space.

Just make sure you take into account the raised energy bills, unless the lighting runs on solar power!

Define your Spaces

By allocating designated areas to your backyard layout, you can easily make a far more appealing and aesthetic space. You can even go a step further and physically define those areas – colored mulch makes for a great ground cover around garden areas or play areas, and metal, brick, or stone edges for landscaping and garden areas can protect against ground overgrowth and section off non-grassy areas to keep it full and to itself. Lawncare technique can also lend to definition by weed-eating rigid lines around your property line, house walls, and deck areas. Keeping storage spaces available in each sections can mitigate debris and enhance the visual appearance of your yard – for example, keeping dog toys, children’s’ toys, and grill equipment in bins and bigger items like mowers and bikes in sheds or nooks around the yard.

Installing yard and garden pathways is also a powerful way to establish lines and a hierarchy of importance in your yard, as well as providing a safe walking area that won’t carve unintentional paths through your grass. These can be DIYed with stone, wood, gravel, mulch, with edges and without, flat, raised, built-in or freestanding – whatever floats your boat and fits your style and budget!

Make a Color-Code

Similar to interior design, having a color-code to your backyard can have an immense effect on the remodeling of your space. This color palate can apply to just about anything – from plants to décor to ground materials. With a few cans of spray paint, you can repaint furniture, plant pots, stones, pathways, sheds (which might take a little more than spray paint), tables, even walls and accents to compliment each other and sharpen up your yard’s aesthetic. Reupholstering or finding some new cushions and outdoor rugs to match each other can also make a huge difference in bringing your yard’s look together.

Don’t be afraid to plant colorfully, as well! If you’re someone who can’t keep plants alive, plant some low-maintenance landscaping plants instead of sweating over a garden that might not be suited for your climate.

Think Vertical

A pretty distinct way to embellish your yard landscape is to think vertically – height distinguishes and de-monotonizes your land so that you can highlight some parts with natural décor, color, and dimension while leaving others flat for your use. Some components that contribute to height can include:

  • Boulders
  • Trees
  • Vertical Vines
  • Vertical or Raised Gardens

This variation in height and depth can both assist in that definition concept and create natural places for the eye to rest when wandering instead of just a flat space. If rain is a big climate factor where you live, you can also plant a rain garden or engineer a landscape that utilizes rain water for plants, ponds, fountains, or rain-water pools.


Don’t Think ‘One and Done’

The first step and last of any renovation project is always maintenance. Clearing off ground spaces, keeping the yard clear from debris, washing stains off furniture and walls, and keeping up with your lawncare is an essential part of remodeling and backyard makeovers – the initial clean will make a difference in and of itself!

Pressure washers can be rented by themselves from most hardware stores, or local pressure washing services can do the job for you – either way, they’re a great way to freshen up your deck, patio, accent walls, fences, and exterior walls and they work on most materials so that you can get a perspective of how much money you really need to put into investing in anything new to replace things that just haven’t been upkept.

Don’t Discount Used or Bargain Materials

If you’re looking into refreshing your style entirely, sometimes the traditional stores and avenues of purchase aren’t the cheapest. Bargain stores may offer building materials and décor at a discounted price if they don’t sell well enough in primary home improvement and hardware stores, and you should always check around the community to see if anyone is selling used materials that you could repurpose. Estimates aren’t always accurate, and there may have been too much material bought for someone else’s remodeling project, or it might be the material being replaced that’s being sold, but either way, it will probably be cheaper than buying it new and in-store.

Décor, furniture, and the like are nearly always being sold online in marketplaces, groups, and designated individual buyer to seller websites – even if it’s not brand new, it will still be new to your space, and you might even find a match for your color palate that you couldn’t find in-store.

Don’t Use Temporary Solutions or Materials

There are plenty of quick fix improvements out there that work perfectly fine for small projects or place-holders while more permanent solutions are being funded or researched – a backyard makeover should not be a renovation of quick fixes and temporary solutions. Exposed to the elements and frequently used, oftentimes, they deteriorate at a far faster pace than any indoor project, which means that a temporary renovation may end up being more temporary than you expected and drain your finances if you intend to keep replacing it with something similar.

If you want to create a lasting backyard makeover – shoot for durable, quality solutions. Stick and peel wallpaper for your accent walls or sheds won’t last nearly as long as a coat of paint or a layer of siding, so if your budget runs out, no matter how much work you have left, rebuild some funds and continue the work with quality solutions instead of taking cuts that will cost you more in the future.

Don’t Ignore Proper Lawn Cultivation

As stated before, one of the most important aspects to a backyard makeover and renovations in general is keeping your work clean and cared for after the fact – otherwise you’ll be right back to where you started a few months later. If the actual lawn is an area of focus for your remodel, make sure you over-seed patchy parts only to get a consistent growth instead of seeding the entire yard, and keep it hydrated so that it grows right the first time.

If you change the makeup of your lawn entirely – like substituting your grass for natural materials such as moss, clover, mint, or thyme – search for methods that don’t force you to tear up your entire lawn with expensive tools and your valuable time. Aeration replacement is a practice where you punch holes in certain areas to fill with your substitute seeds and let it outgrow your grass.

Consider where you live and decide what kind of lawn will be best – there are plenty of grass alternatives that don’t require mowing if you don’t want to pay for gas, don’t require high amounts of water for drought areas, or contribute to the native wildlife for areas that are home to endangered species.

Don’t Leave Materials Out to Become Dingy

Clean, clean, clean – it’s the name of the game for a backyard makeover. When you choose décor materials the first time around, skip any fabric that will soak through and become dingy or susceptible to mildew, and make sure any wooden accent items and furniture are properly stained and weather-protected – no one wants rotting wood, soaked cushions, smelly rugs, or dirty surfaces ruining their hard remodeling work. Investing in some type of covering if your area is not already placed under balconies or open garages can solve weather-related problems and keep your newly-renovated areas safe, such as:

  • Tents
  • Umbrellas
  • Tree Cover
  • Pergolas
  • Mesh nets
  • Galvanized Panels
  • Awnings

Proper Disposal

However you choose to go about your backyard makeover, one thing is for certain – you’re likely to have some sort of waste. Instead of leaving it in a pile until you have time for it, deal with it immediately so that you can finish out your project strong.

Make sure you check your local disposal service and their terms, though, because not all pick-up services will accept certain types or sizes of waste, which leaves the responsibility to you, once again. If you choose to transport your waste yourself, be sure you have the correct safety equipment and proper transportation, so that your discarded yard waste doesn’t end up scattered in your car or all over the road.

One way to avoid this is to hire a dumpster service – that’s where Moon Mini Dumpsters comes in.

We’ll deliver your dumpster, which is offered in sizes:

  • 6 yard (10ft x 4ft x 4ft)
  • 9 yard (10ft x 8ft x 3.5ft)
  • 12 yard (11ft x 8ft x 4ft)
  • 16 yard (12ft x 8ft x 5ft)
  • 20 yard (15ft x 8ft x 5ft)
  • 30 yard (22ft x 8ft x 6ft)
  • 40 yard (22ft x 8ft x 7.5ft)

And then when you’re finished, we’ll pick it up again to transport any waste material you may have to the proper disposal locations! It eliminates the last steps so that you can sit back and relax in your newly remodeled backyard. Let us finish up your project for you!

Consider renting a Moon Mini Dumpster, no matter what size project you choose to undertake. Our driveway dumpsters come in 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard capacities. Affordable and lightweight, a dumpster will be delivered directly to you and placed on boards for surface protection. We are environmentally-friendly, locally-owned, and willing to work with any time frame. Give us a call at 502-547-1974 to learn more!

Rent Dumpster For Remodeling, Moving, Landscaping Projects in Kentucky and Indiana

7 Ways To Use A Dumpster This Summer

During the many months of pandemic restrictions and remote work orders, millions of people have had more time to delve into homebound activities, whether it be baking bread, planting a garden, or undergoing extensive remodeling. In fact, according to Bank of America’s 2021 Homebuyers report, over 65% of millennials intend to begin a renovation project sometime this year!

Whether you’re remodeling your entire house, finally cleaning out your garage, or just trying to repair a leaking roof, renting a mini dumpster may be the best choice you ever make! Keep reading to find out 7 common activities that call for a dumpster.

7 Ways To Use A Dumpster This Summer

1. Remodeling

Remodeling creates a lot of waste, from unwanted furniture to broken pieces of plaster, brick, wood, and other disassembled building materials. Instead of letting dust-ridden, useless trash fill up your space until you lug it to the curb, why not work as you go with a rental dumpster? Throw whatever has to go into the dumpster, and we’ll handle the rest.

2. Moving

Whether you’re moving into a new house, out of an old one, or doing both at once, you’ll likely need a dumpster rental! You’ve got junk. Whether it’s yours or the previous owner of your new house, you likely want it gone, fast, and a dumpster is the quickest, easiest way of providing space for congregating everything you don’t need.

3. Garage Cleanout

Many of us use our garages as secondary storage, allowing them to fill up with old furniture, toys, tools, and other unneeded items. If you’re thinking about taking a deep-dive into your garage this summer, or maybe hosting a garage sale, consider renting a Moon dumpster first! With a dumpster, you can quickly sort through what really matters, bringing the peace of mind of a renewed and organized space.

4. Landscaping

You may not think it, but landscaping your yard produces a lot of waste! More particularly: topsoil, loose concrete, plant scraps, old bricks, dead tree limbs and brush, a rotting deck, etc. A mini dumpster is not only convenient, but under-the-radar, allowing a months-long or days-long project to be kept tidy. Nobody wants their trash to hinder their progress, right?

5. Community Projects

If you’re involved in your local neighborhood organization, you may take part in endeavors such as a community garden, a neighborhood block party, a park clean-up, or a multi-home yard sale. Split the costs of a dumpster with your community to make the process as smooth sailing as possible!

6. Home Repairs

From natural disasters to regular wear-and-tear, all houses need repairs in time. If you’re planning any repairs this month, consider renting a dumpster. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement, replacing the roof, or tearing down a broken fence, a dumpster is integral to streamlining the process.

7. Hosting An Event

Are you managing a big event, like a wedding? Maybe you own your own event venue? You may be surprised with the amount of trash produced by a large-scale celebration. Investing in a dumpster can be a surefire way to get a handle on all that waste, from plates, food, cups, garbage bags and other disposable materials.

Consider renting a Moon Mini Dumpster, no matter what size project you choose to undertake. Our driveway dumpsters come in 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard capacities. Affordable and lightweight, a dumpster will be delivered directly to you and placed on boards for surface protection. We are environmentally-friendly, locally-owned, and willing to work with any time frame. Give us a call at 502-772-2821 to learn more!

Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Remodeling your home can involve a lot of materials and waste. Fortunately, there are many ways you can ensure you are reducing the impact your remodel has on the environment. Here are some simple ways to do eco-friendly remodeling!

Green Materials: Paint, Roofing, Flooring, and More

The materials you use are one area where you can go a long way in reducing your impact. These days, since so many people are eco-conscious, it’s not difficult to find green solutions. Take paint, for example. Did you know that you can buy VOC-free paint? VOC (volatile organic compounds) are toxic and found in many traditional paints, and can leak into the environment. You can buy VOC-free paint to avoid this issue.

Paint isn’t the only material you use that probably has a green alternative. Everything from roofing and flooring to stains and caulks have green options on the market today. If you are willing to put in the work to find them, you can significantly improve how eco-friendly your remodel will be.


If you’re re-doing a bathroom or kitchen, water is something else you should think about. Some faucets are more efficient than others. There are kinds of faucets that are low-flow, meaning they reduce the rate at which water flows. This is a helpful technique to lower how much water you use when doing everything from washing your hands, taking a shower, or doing the dishes. Consider low-flow faucets and showerheads to reduce how much water your household uses.

Energy-Efficiency for Eco-Friendly Remodeling

There are a couple of ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your home too. For starters, consider how you’re lighting the house. Any way you can utilize natural lighting through windows or glass doors will dramatically lower your electric usage. Additionally, if you do need light bulbs, go for LEDs as they are the most efficient type.

In the kitchen, you’ll want to think about the efficiency of your appliances. Your refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, and dishwasher can all benefit from an efficiency analysis. Plus, your stove itself might need a second look. Today, there are many electric stoves that are extremely efficient, and better for the environment than gas stoves.
Look for Used Furniture

If you are looking to replace or add in some furniture, consider buying used or refurbished to cut down on your impact. There are a number of refurbished furniture stores and non-profits that can offer a great selection. You can even peruse a local yard sale and stumble across a hidden gem that you could reuse for your home. Avoiding a new piece of furniture will let you lower your carbon footprint even more.

Moon Dumpsters makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-772-2821 today!

20 Cubic Yards Dumpster, Dumpsters for small jobs, Best Dumpsters to Rent

Dumpster Rentals with Moon Dumpsters

Renting a dumpster is a great way to handle personal, commercial, and other types of projects. There are a lot of sizes and types of dumpsters that you can select from in the process. Here’s an overview of the dumpster rentals we offer and recommend for different projects.

Residential Dumpster Rentals

Moon Dumpsters offers a variety of dumpsters for rent that can take care of any size residential job. Our residential dumpsters are ideal for kitchen and bathroom demolitions, remodeling projects, and more. These dumpsters start as small as 6 cubic yards and go all the way up to 20 cubic yards.

A 6 yard dumpster is a great option for smaller remodeling projects like a small kitchen demolition, a basement overhaul, or redoing a garage. Many of our customers also choose this size for a lawn or yard cleanup. It offers enough space for those smaller projects at a great price.

A 9 yard dumpster offers a bit more space then the 6 yarder. As such, it’s a perfect fit for a normal sized kitchen remodeling job, or even a small kitchen plus bathroom remodel. It is also great for a deck demolition up to dimensions of 10’x18’. This dumpster will serve more medium-sized basement or garage renovations well too.

12 and 16 yard dumpsters offer extra space that you may need for some of those larger remodeling or demolition projects around the house. A large kitchen, basement, or garage that you are working on would benefit from this size. Our customers who are working on multiple smaller or average-sized projects tend to select this size too, given the extra space it provides. In particular, the 16 yard dumpster is a good option for multi-project needs given the large amount of debris and items it can hold.

Our 20 yard dumpster is the largest residential dumpster we offer. It has the capacity to handle all of the projects our smaller dumpsters can, at a larger scale. It’s also a good fit for a significant home addition project, a large fencing job, or a multi-deck demolition. This is the dumpster to rent if you know you’ll have a lot of material to content with.

30 and 40 Yard Dumpsters

Moon’s 30 and 40 yard dumpsters are an excellent choice for commercial jobs that need space for waste at a large scale. Our customers typically include contractors, construction sites, large building demolitions, and even commercial recycling jobs. The massive space these dumpsters offer make them very useful for large scale professional jobs.

Pricing and Quotes

We offer details about our dumpster rentals on our website including pricing, sizes, and FAQs. We have a customized quote form you can fill out, after which you will receive pricing and more information about our rentals.

If you order soon, you can take advantage of our current Seasonal Special! We are offering $10 off all dumpster rentals in both the Louisville and Lexington areas. Book now to lock in this great deal while you can! We work with our customers to make the process simple and straightforward. We can even help you with the dumpster permitting process- read our previous blog post here to learn more.

Moon Dumpsters makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-772-2821 today!

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Do You Need a Dumpster Permit?

Dumpsters provide an excellent way for you to clear waste as you tackle a project. Depending on how and where you’re using one, you may need a dumpster permit. It can be a bit confusing, so today on the blog we’ll walk you through dumpster permits!

General Rules

In most cases, you will only need a dumpster permit if you will be placing the dumpster on public property. This includes public streets and sidewalks. This may be the case for you if there’s limited room in your situation. If, however, you have the space to put a dumpster on your driveway or any other private property, you won’t have to worry! There’s no need to get a permit in that case.

Dumpster Permit Process

If you do need to place a dumpster on public property, there are a few things you need to consider. In many cases, you can put a dumpster on a public road or sidewalk- you’ll just need a permit to do so. However, there may be places where you can’t so you should always check with your locality first. This includes specific neighborhoods- if you have a neighborhood association, they may have rules about if/how dumpsters are permitted on streets.

If there is a permit process, here’s how it normally works. Many localities have ‘right-of-way’ permits that give you the ability to place a dumpster on a public street. You must apply for and receive this permit before you can place your dumpster.

You need to know a few things to fill out this permit most of the time. First, how long will you need your dumpster on public space? You will have to give a specific date range on the paperwork. Second, where exactly will the dumpster be? You will also need to give the exact address and location of the dumpster. Third, who are you renting your dumpster from? You’ll be asked to provide contact information for the rental company on the permit.

Other Things to Know

Here are some other insider tips. Always contact both your local public works department and any relevant neighborhood association. This is the way you will be able to learn about any specific rules and processes (for our Louisville readers, check out Metro Public Works’ web page). Additionally, permit processes can take time, so you should try to submit your permit application at least a week in advance of when you need to use your dumpster. One last thing- you can work with your dumpster rental company to help things go smoothly! At Moon Dumpsters, we can help make sure you time your dumpster delivery perfectly so you have the proper permit when you need it. We also ensure deliveries and pickups go off without a hitch.

Moon Dumpsters makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-772-2821 today!

Is dumpster diving illegal in Louisville, KY?

What is Dumpster Diving?

Dumpster diving involves salvaging goods from dumpsters, often those from businesses. The legality of dumpster diving and people’s opinions on it are complex. Let’s examine some of the key points about dumpster diving.

Legality of Dumpster Diving

The legality of dumpster diving varies country to country. Dumpster diving is actually legal at the federal level in the United States. It is also legal at the state level in all 50 states. It’s the county and city/town levels in which it can be illegal in some or all scenarios. Additionally, where dumpsters are located can affect the legality of dumpster diving. If a dumpster is on private property or if it’s locked, you would likely be breaking laws to dumpster dive. For example, walking onto someone’s private property to dumpster dive without permission would be illegal.

Perspectives from Business Owners

Businesses often have dumpsters that people may want to salvage in. However, every business owner has a unique perspective on this activity. Some may support recycling or reusing discarded products, while others may discourage it. Some may also worry about liability if someone were to get hurt while diving on their property. Others are more concerned about the mess people can leave from dumpster diving. On the other hand, there are some businesses where owners are willing to discuss the option and give permission.

Perspectives from Dumpster Divers

People who dumpster dive may do so for various reasons and have different outlooks on the practice. For some people, it is simply a means of survival if they do not have access to food or other necessary goods. For others, dumpster diving can be informed by a belief in recycling and reusing consumer goods to reduce environmental impacts.

Many people may donate items or food they find to people in need. Some people dumpster even dive to turn a profit, selling items they find. In addition, some people just enjoy it as a hobby.

Benefits and Downsides

Dumpster diving can be positive in many cases. Reducing waste and reusing items is certainly positive for the environment. It can also lead to a redistribution of goods and food to people who need them. If done legally and with permission, issues with business owners or the legal system are avoidable as well.

However, there are also a few potential downsides. From a diver’s perspective, it can be downright dangerous. Broken glass, needles, and other dangers can lurk in dumpsters. They can cause cuts, punctures, and other injuries that may be prone to infection or disease. There can even be biohazardous material present. Plus, some businesses may go out of their way to destroy food by adding bleach, glass, or chemicals to it before disposal. If ingested, this can be deadly. Expired food can be an issue sometimes too. Additionally, if divers are not courteous or law-abiding, they can cause trouble for business owners and communities.

Moon Dumpsters makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-772-2821 today!

Where can I get the best dumpster rental in Kentucky?

The Origin of the Dumpster

The dumpster is a common utility container all around the world. Dumpsters are so commonplace in everyday life that you may have never stopped to think about where they came from. Prior to their invention, waste disposal was a significant hindrance to public health in areas of high population. The dumpster helped solve sanitation issues that many cities faced in the early 20th century by making waste disposal more efficient and less labor-intensive. 

Here’s a look at the origin of the dumpster. 

George Dempster

The story of the dumpster starts with George Dempster in the 1930’s. Dempster owned a construction business with his brothers in Knoxville, Tennessee. His experience with the logistics of transporting waste in the construction business sparked the idea for the dumpster, which he eventually created and patented in 1935.  

Dempster’s design initially involved a pulley system that was mounted to a motorized truck. Containers were raised by pins welded to their sides, and then transported and emptied through a hinged door. Dempster first used this system for his construction business to handle waste. However, as sanitation issues became more and more significant in cities, the Dempster dumpster became a widespread solution. 

The Dumpster as a Sanitation Solution

Prior to the dumpster, waste collection and removal was extremely inefficient. Garbage and debris (particularly in cities) regularly piled up along streets and on sidewalks. Cities required a lot of labor to mitigate this public health hazard. While waste could be hauled away by carriage, and later by the Model T Ford, this still involved a lot of manual labor. Workers had to load and unload garbage by hand. 

The Dempster dumpster allowed sanitary, enclosed storage for waste near places of business and residence, and made it easy to remove waste and return the container quickly. Crucially, the technology reduced the amount of hands-on labor required for sanitation. A single person could now pick up and handle waste collection with a dumpster. In 1937, Nashville, Tennessee became the first city to purchase the dumpster, becoming an early adopter of a technology that is now everywhere. 

Later models of the dumpster evolved for greater efficiency. Dempster improved the initial model by adding hydraulic lifting with chains and pivot arms, outstripping the lifting power of the old model’s cables and pulleys. Post-World War II, Dempster went on to design a single-axle end-dumping container with ten cubic yards of volume. This design, called the Dempster Kolector, allowed trucks to haul the containers behind them for quick collection, emptying, and delivery.  

Dempster created technology related to dumpsters as well. In the 1950’s, Dempster’s company created the Dempster-Dumpmaster, an early model for what we now know as the garbage truck. The front-loading design allowed truck drivers to empty multiple dumpsters in one trip without ever leaving their seats. 

Modern Dumpster Technology

It’s safe to say that Dempster’s inventions have played a huge role in shaping waste collection and sanitation as we know them today. Dumpster designs have changed over the years and there are numerous options on the market. 

Companies like Moon Dumpsters now offer dumpsters ranging from 6 to 40 cubic yards, and roll-off dumpsters and other designs are now common. Moon also makes sure that waste disposal is as environmentally-friendly as possible, with efficient trucks and green disposal practices. To learn more about Moon’s full-service dumpster rentals and get the dumpsters you need, visit our website or call us at 502-772-2821 today!

12 Yd Dumpster for Middletown, KY Construction Cleanup

weatherby house middletown kyMiddletown, KY has a storied history of growth and development. That growth continues today with the expansion of local commercial centers. Moon 12 yd dumpsters are perfect for commercial and construction cleanup.

Dependable dumpsters for construction cleanup.

Moon mini dumpsters are strong and compact. This adds to their effectiveness for construction cleanup. Our 12 yd dumpster is designed for medium to large junk removal needs. They hold a capacity of 5,500 lbs. or 6 pickup truck loads. All containers include a competitive flat rate, convenient drop off and pickup, and 7-day use period.

If you are a builder or remodeler for a Middletown, KY commercial construction company or “do-it-yourself” homeowner, our construction dumpster service will meet your needs. We can place our “mini” containers in the most optimal positions to facilitate your work site.

Moon Mini Dumpsters provides convenient service to all of the greater Louisville area. Don’t settle for a dumpster chain company with “middle men” and extra fees. “Ask for the Moon, and get it!” (502) 772-2821

Written by Bob Jones